Morning, October 9, 2020, the Faculty of Environment held an meeting for exchange and sharing with students about the scientific research orientation. This is an annual activity held at the beginning of the school year with the aim of introducing and providing students (especially first year students) with the understanding of scientific research activities at the Faculty of Environment, but strengths and research trends in the coming time. Participants were representatives from Dr.Nguyen Thanh Lam, Vice Dean; Dr.Vo Huu Cong, Dr. Nguyen Thi Hong Hanh, Msc. Nguyen Tuyet Lan, Msc. Ho Thi Thuy Hang, Msc. Nguyen Thi Thu Ha B and 20 students.

Implementing the direction of the Party Committee and following the direction of the University: "Scientific research is the vitality of the university", is an important task in education and training. At Faculty of Environment, research task is always focused and encouraged to develop.

Research Orientation Program for student research October 9, 2020 

Dr. Nguyen Thanh Lam introduced to new students the goal of forming and developing scientific research capacity for students. The main goal of scientific research at the university level is to increase student knowledge and skills of independent scientific research to support their learning activities, preparing them for independent research, help students gain more knowledge, promote the ability to analyze, evaluate, statistic, process data, logical thinking. On the other hand, students get more experience in writing reports, thesis. Since then, Dr.Nguyen Thanh Lam  provided students with appropriate research orientations, research strengths of 05 research topics so that students can choose suitable directions.

Lecturers demonstrate research experience and results for students  

Following the program, Dr. Vo Huu Cong and Msc. Nguyen Thi Thu Ha – Department of Environmental Technology shared experiences and some research achievements that teachers and students have achieved. The goal of scientific research can be the faculty award, at the university level, maybe also the national and international scientific papers bearing the names of students - it is a way to record their own mark in the learning process. Practice and research will also be a solid stepping stone for the students of the Environmental Faculty upon student graduation.

Exchange research experience among students 

Student Pham Minh Hen & Dinh Thi Ha, third year class, a representing student research team in 2019, present their scientific research results, giving difficulties and problems in the process of doing scientific research, from research idea to implementation, until research results, what needs to be done to write a scientific paper ... Through the presentation, first year students (K65) can directly exchange and ask questions related to research topics.

The meeting is going to the end, but it opened up a lot of new research ideas for students. Hopefully Faculty of Environment will have more student research outbreaks in the coming years.