In the framework of the cooperation between the Faculty of Environment and Yamagata University, Japan on Collaborative Research, Training and Student / Trainers Exchange, Vietnam National University of Agriculture sent a delegation of 05 students and 01 lecturer to participate. The Summer School program at Yamagata University is sponsored by Sakura Science from November 6 to 15, 2019. This is a prestigious program that aims to bring excellent students to modern universities and research facilities in Japan, students participating in the program are fully funded by the Science and Public Fund. National Technology (JST).

In this program, students of the Faculty of Environment, Vietnam National University of Agriculture participated in assessing the biodiversity of mixed forest ecosystems, evaluating environmental changes through evaluation of isotopes in samples. timber, coastal protection functions of tsunami vulnerable coast, conducting flight testing of low-level flight control system (drones) and participating in cultural exchange activities with students in your country. According to student Pham Minh appointment, K62KHMTA class, the research activities in this program are quite similar to the training program of the faculty and are very interested in the equipment used in rapid analysis. I was also impressed when I visited the protective forest system of Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture, where the tsunami in the March 11, 2011 earthquake swept away. This forest system still serves as a protective forest, moreover, it is a place to preserve historical evidence of earthquakes and tsunamis. Through each of the activities, the students of the faculty showed a quick grasp, confidence in communication, efficiency in teamwork, and making a mark for international friends.

The Sakura Science Program is held annually as an opportunity for students of the School of Environmental Sciences to demonstrate their capacity in research, study and interaction with world friends. In the recent past, the Faculty of Environment has focused on establishing English Clubs, encouraging lecturers trained from developed countries to accompany and orient students to have more access. more with opportunities to learn and interact internationally. In the near future, the Faculty will coordinate with Yamagata University to open short-term training programs at the Faculty so that more students have the opportunity to participate, paving the way for opportunities to become acquainted and advance to be capable. Working with international organizations. In the closing ceremony, representatives of Japanese partner pledged to continue sponsoring scholarships for students of Environmental Science. In addition, the Japanese partner also mentioned the organization of the Summer School program to assess forest resources and environmental change in Sapa, Vietnam.