Department of Environment - Vietnam National University of Agriculture 

Environment Faculty - Vietnam National University of Agriculture was established under Decision No. 2151 / QD-NNH dated October 10, 2013 of the Rector of Hanoi University of Agriculture. This is the Vietnam Academy of Agriculture; on the basis of separation from the Department of Natural Resources and Environment. The Faculty of Environment currently has 5 subjects: Environmental Technology, Chemistry, Environmental Management, Agricultural Ecology and Microbiology. In order to facilitate the development of scientific research and technology transfer, the Faculty has also set up a corresponding laboratory and practice system. In addition, the department also has 3 centers with key personnel who are staff in the department to perform the function of intensive research and science and technology transfer. The number of faculty members of the faculty is 69 officials including 3 professors and 9 associate professors. The number of training support staff is 10 people. The ratio of lecturers with a PhD degree is 40/59, reaching 68%. The number of staff studying for PhD students is 7 people, by 2020, they will graduate, bringing the percentage of lecturers being doctors at 80%. The percentage of female staff in the department is 57%.


Department of Environment - Vietnam National University of Agriculture will become a leader in the country in terms of training and providing high quality human resources by 2025; researching and developing S&T products and services in the field of natural resources and agricultural environment; meeting the country's socio-economic development and international integration needs.

Graduation ceremony for Environmental Science students 


The mission of the Faculty of Environment - Vietnam National University of Agriculture is to train high quality human resources; research and develop science and technology products and services to solve agricultural environmental resources; Connect with the community through technology transfer and technical progress.

Science and technology products of the Department of Environment 

Core values

  Quality - efficiency - creativity (Quality - Efficiency - Creativity)

Under the leadership of the Party Committee, the Board of Directors of Vietnam National University of Agriculture and the cooperation and assistance of units inside and outside the school, the international organizations and the Environment Department have been constantly developing to achieve many successes. important analysis on the following areas:

Training is constantly developing with the motto of being learner-centric, "teachers and students move forward"

The number of training programs of the Faculty of Environment - Vietnam National University of Agriculture has made a remarkable growth in the academic year 2019-2020 to meet the requirements of multidisciplinary training in natural resources and environment management. The Faculty currently has 02 undergraduate programs: Environmental Science and Environmental Technology, the Master of Environmental Science training program based on research orientation and application orientation, and 01 training program. Doctor of Environmental Science with the ability to receive 05 students / year. In addition, the Faculty of Environment also cooperates with the Department of Land Management to open more training programs on Natural Resources and Environment Management, university level.

Besides, the Faculty of Environment is proactive and creative in the activities of building, standardizing, verifying the training program (AUN), improving the quality of using the facilities and other activities of the Academy. . Faculty members have been very active in innovating student-centered teaching methods (project-based teaching, increasing practice time, organizing many class activities such as workshops). group discussions, presentations) to increase the effectiveness of teaching and learning, promoting students' learning motivation. Over the past few years hundreds of graduate students and graduates have graduated. Many students have got stable jobs with high incomes at production and business establishments, research institutes and state environmental management agencies.

Scientific research with outstanding achievements

Within the past 03 years (2016-2019), the Faculty of Environment - Vietnam National University of Agriculture has chaired 01 state-level branch topic, 03 international topics, 02 ministerial-level projects, and 03 research projects. Nafosted's basic research and 25 academic-level projects and dozens of scientific research students. The Department of Environment is focusing on the main research directions: (i) Assessing quality, environmental risks; (ii) Technology and techniques of waste treatment and environmental treatment with many Academy level projects (risk assessment from agriculture to groundwater, manufacturing of treatment materials, technology of chemical treatment, etc. plant protection, rich-waste water treatment), ministry-level (affecting the environment from epidemic pits), state-level (generating emissions from burning straw, bio-batteries from wastewater treatment); develop and consolidate scientific and technological cooperation with localities (Bac Giang, Hai Duong, Hung Yen and Thai Binh); (iii) Microbiological technology (Isolation and selection of microorganisms capable of environmental treatment and soil improvement); (iv) Environmental management (Cleaner production, waste audit); (v) Vegetable essential oil preparations. With the efforts of science and technology activities, only in 2018, Khoa has published 25 articles published in domestic magazines; 16 articles published in foreign magazines; 16 posts in the proceedings at international conferences and seminars; 3 books and reference materials of the year were published in the country and 3 individuals participated in writing foreign books.

The management organization is constantly innovating in the direction of autonomy

The Faculty has renovated the working process of the student working group; consider student's training points. Which has re-established the group of homeroom teachers and academic advisors. Homeroom teachers, Inter-branch Executive Committee regularly organize seminars for students, especially newly enrolled students.

 The Faculty has mobilized all officers and students to participate in the campaign to promote enrollment under the joint program of the Academy and the Department of Environment with the purpose to let candidates see the significance of their field of study and career opportunities. Students study Environmental Science program. Besides, the department also proactively develops its own promotion plan through student clubs, social networking sites.

Supporting students and learners: The Faculty of Environment pays great attention to supporting students and learners such as assigning experienced teachers, young teachers to be the heads of classes (according to Decision No. 32 / QD-MT dated March 16, 2017); in collaboration with the Federation of Environment Faculty, hold seminars to introduce research orientations of the subjects, lecturers, and guide how to develop a graduation thesis outline for students.

Building an office culture has many positive changes, last year the Department of Environment has asked all the CBVCs to participate in training on office culture, contributing to building manners, working practices, and relevant relationships. behave in the Academy in a friendly, professional and effective manner.

Promote achievements after 6 years of construction and development. In the coming time, the Faculty of Environment always upholds the tradition of emulation in training and scientific research to maintain the slogan of Quality - Efficiency - Innovation set out.